ThermaSkirt – A Very Modern Heating Solution …

Approved ThermaSkirt Installers


Activate Energy are Discrete Heat approved ThermaSkirt installers.  We work closely with the manufacturer to ensure we install the latest products to the highest standards.  Over the last few years, we have worked on numerous projects throughout the West Midlands.  From single room radiator conversions to full house multi zone projects, we can provide a ThermaSkirt solution for you.

Please review the information below for more information regarding ThermaSkirt.  Alternatively, please contact us to discuss how we can be of assistance …

ThermaSkirt Solutions


With durable and attractive powder coated finishes, ThermaSkirt is available in a wide range of profiles and colours to suit your home.  You will be delighted with how it looks as a skirting board and even more impressed with the heating performance.  Traditional Skirting board profiles can be matched with ThermaSkirt heating to deliver a seamless interated system. 

The flexibility of the system ensures diverse solutions can be realised.  From Plinth heating and threshold strips to curved skirting and up / over doorway dado heating.  There is no limit to the application as they are all achievable with the heating profiles of ThermaSkirt.

ThermaSkirt – A Very Modern Heating Solution …

What Is ThermaSkirt And How Does It Work?


Made from an alumunium alloy that emits heat 5 times better than steel, ThermaSkirt provides a more even temperature distribution around a room than radiators.  This often means that the same level of cosiness can be achieved at a lower thermostat setting thus reducing your energy bills.  it’s often a quoted fact that turning your thermostat down by 1ºC could save up to 10% off your annual heating bills.

Furthermore, the large heated surface area means the boiler temperature can be reduced too which further increases the operating efficiency of your heating system.

What is ThermaSkirt-e?


ThermaSkirt-e is a revolutionary new form of responsive and flexible direct electric heating .  Designed to replace electric storage heaters and panel radiators, ThermaSkirt-s has the benefits of practicality, controlability & reliability and is a modern alternative to electric under floor heating without the intrusion.

ThermaSkirt-e is controlled by a specially developed electronic thermostat that ‘learns’ the heating characteristics and warm up times of the room to maximise efficiencies.  The time and temperature settings can be individually configured in a matter of minutes to provide a tailor-made solution to your heating needs.

To find out more and discover the full benefits of ThermaSkirt – chat online, phone or send an email.